There they all went...through the forest the dark...Miss Moussie was glad it didn't here marvelously pink dress she shuffled carefully over the dark forest paths...they just came back from the theatre..had a magical evening, but now were very tired..longing to be home in there soft comfy beds...Mozes did lead the way...he alway's does in the can't possibly get lost when Mozes is there to guide you..So..Mozes first...then behind him..Gustave..hopping very happily...then Miss Moussie tiptoeing,and the last one in this parade was Mr.C...talking in himself...he does that quite a lot these days..
Miss Moussie, waving with her purse twittered nervously..'Yoehoe,dear Mozes,are we there feet are killing me'.
-In a minute Miss..answered Mozes...we have to take a turn to the right at the big hollow oak tree, and then we will be home in a jiffy..
-Isn't it a wonderful evening,Gustave croaked...Don't you just love the forest when its dark and mysterious...
-Do you all know what a jiffy is..Mr. C you all don't know what a jiffy is...
-We don't..croaked Gustave,but we do know you are going to tell Dear Mr C ..what's a jiffy.
-The time taken for light to travel..And light travels so very fast...faster then we can...unless....
-Unless what dear C..twittered Miss Moussie...almost tripping in some beetle droppings..
-Unless we find the secret Jiffy trail in this forest..I know it's great great grandfather found it one's up on a time..
-I now all the paths in the forest, said mozes..never heard of a Jiffy trail...never did see one..
-Well, if you look for it you can't see it,said Mr has to come to you...
-A path that has to come to you...giggled ,when you wistle and Jiffy Jiffy....He thought this to be so very funny tears were running down his chubby cheeks from laughing.
-yes, you are correct..absolutely correct dear Gustave..this is the way to do it...only you have to believe in it..magic only works when you believe in it, that's a scientific fact...and there Mr C stopt with his explanation of magic and jiffy's.
-I wished we could find one now..Miss Moussie sighed..
-And I wished you all stopped babbeling...mumbled Mozes...come on..put you best foot forward.
-I have no best foot left ..they are both protesting..and not willing at all..twittered Miss Moussie.
Mozes was loosing his to bring this little troup home as fast as possible..they were getting on his nerves..chattering..croaking and twittering..
He lifted his head to the sky..there he saw the big bear ..his favorite star..Hello friend...mozes said softly with a smile on his face..can you help me find a jiffy...I would like to get home with this gang as fast as I could.
As soon as Mozes had spoken these front of him the trees and bushes began to move....the trees bowed and the bushes stept aside...and there suddenly a trail appeared..
Mozes abrubtly stood still as a statue...Gustave bumping into him..followed by Miss Moussie...and then Mr C....Silence....only the wind whispered through the tree tops..
'follow the trail...follow the trail..'
-O my goodness,Miss Moussie squeaked..we found it we found it...
Slowly Mr C walked towards the beginning of the path..."Come on he said exited..where are we waiting for,lets go...
-But, but where wil it lead us...Miss Moussie whispered very very softley..I don't think we should do never know's where one will end...
Mozes took a deep breath.."We are going,he said with a firm tone of voice...stay close together....
Are you curious where this secret trail will lead them..then lets follow and click here...on the Link to Knowhere..

Mozes,being very brave went first..'come on you guys..follow me..lets follow the trail...'
-'Well',Miss Moussie squeaked..'if you don't mind I will wait here..and see what can always come back ...or call me when you are on the other end of the trail..',and she sat herself down in the clover...not thinking about her marvelously pink dress..or beetle droppings..She diceded not to move an inch!
-'But bbut',stottered Mr C...he always begins to stotter when he's very exited about something..' can't stay here alone in the dark..we simply MUST follow the jiffy came to us for a reason..we have to find out where its going..'
-Yes,my dearest Miss,croaked Gustave...Listen to Mr C..please,just stay close to me...
-'I must be crazy listening to you all'..twittered Miss Moussie,'crazy to follow a trail that might go nowhere...going nowhere doesn't make sence at all!
-Oke then..if you feel that way then stay where you are...wait until daylight and find your way home to the garden on you own'...this was the calm and very wise Mozes speaking..he turned his back to Miss Moussie and started walking...followed by Mr C....who was talking to himself again...saying something like ..'this reminds me of book I read ..what was it again..ah, something with a yellow brick road...o my, I believe there were lions and tigers and bears..o my..
-Lions and tigers and bears...and you want me to go in there...Miss Moussie now squeaked very loud..o my goodness.
-Come on Miss...I'll protect you...croaked Gustave..and he grabt Miss Moussie by the hand..
So there they all went...through the forest the dark.. following a trail..going Nowhere....

Slowly, step by step..Mozes followed the Jiffy trail..Mr C close behind him..then Gustave with Miss Moussie clinging on to his arm....
-I thought this was supposed to be a quick way to travel...twittered Miss Moussie...Mozes can you see where we are going...are we there yet...I can't see a thing,its ever so dark..
-Well..I believe I can see something ,..'bet you can't see what I see', said Mr C.
-No we can't ,said Mozes a little impatient,Mr C... please tell us what you see and don't keep us in suspense...
-I see.. I, three..I believe I see a couple of lights in the distance
-Thank Goodness..that means we are almost home..squeaked Miss Moussie relieved.
-I wouldn't be to sure of that, said mozes,I can see the lights too and they don't look like our fairy lights in the garden....they look like ...pumpkins..
- Pumpkins,croaked Gustave...You mean this big round orange things...
-That's what I mean dear friend..Glowing pumpkins...
-Oke, that's it...squeaked Miss Moussie..glowing pumpkins are very suspicious..its not even Halloween yet...'I am going back...come on Gustave..'and Miss Moussie began to pull Gustave's arm...'lets turn around..'
-SSSsstt...quiet...everybody ssstand ssstill now...the pumpkin lights are getting closer..stuttered Mr C jumping up and down.
-Now they all were standing very still and very close together..they saw five glowing pumpkin lights.. bouncing and dancing through the forest...coming closer and closer...they stopped in front of our little scary troupe..then the pumpkins began to sing..

We welcome you in the middle of the night
and hope we gave you a real big fright
put in each pumpkin your destination mail
then you'll be gone in a Jiffy on the Jiffy trail..

-Singing Pumpkins,whispered Miss Moussie,can it get any crazier..
-I think I know what they are trying to tell us..said Mr C...we have to write a letter telling where we want to go,then put it in the pumpkin..and of we go..
Miss moussie grabbed her purse..she twittered, where are my glasses...can't write without my glasses....and paper...does anyone have pen and paper.?
-Here,take my pen ,said Mr C,I always carry it with me to write down important
things..and we can write on a leaf..I will gather five from the beeche tree.
And so they did...they all wrote down where they wanted to go..and they all thought they were going to be home in a jiffy..
Each of them walked up to a pumpkin ....together on the count of three they dropt there destination mail.....and poof..where gone in a jiffy...
I wonder where to..
Oh,look there is one pumpkin left....its your's...where do you want to you know your destination...just anywhere,somewhere, or nowhere at all.....

-Am I there yet..twittered Miss Moussie...she didn't dare to open her eyes...
-Its oke can look now...Gustave croaked...we are home..we are sitting in your houssie..
-O how marvelous...there is no place like home,and that's exactly what I wrote on the destination mail....there is no place like home for a moussie like me..
At that moment they heard a loud knock on the door...who could this be...
-Just a minute...Miss Moussie shuffled to the door...she was still wearing her magnificent pink and very tight dress..
In the doorway stood Mr C...with a big smile on his face...
-Hello,hello, there you are.....wasn't this a wonderful travel on a Jiffy trail..I will never forget this,not even when I live to be a hundred years old..I even think I will write a book about you don't know the title of the book...
-Well, Mr C,croaked Gustave,let me guess..maybe the title of the book will be..."Back in a Jiffy..
-My dear green friend...that's correct...said Mr C surprised,you can read my mind..
-Mr C..did you happen to see Mozes in the garden on your way to my houssie..asked Miss Moussie...I am beginning to feel a bit worried...
The three little garden friends then ran out the door..into the dark garden..
They called...they called again...and they searched the whole night through until dawn...under the lilac bush ,up the tree,in the tool the pond..but Mozes was nowhere to be found.....
-Lets wake up our dear Dutchess...maybe she knows where Mozes can be..squeaked Miss Moussie with tears in her eyes..
-I will make some tea...Gustave croaked with a very sad croak..we will go upstairs in our Dutchess bedroom and wake her up....
-Speaking of tea...we didn't hear any news from our friend the Tea rat in the last few ours..he always calls after visiting the strange..
Our little garden friends being very worried and confused entered the bedroom of the dutchess in the urly morning light...climbed on her pillow...woke her up by whispering in her ear, and then... Gustave, being ever so shaky and nervous dropped the teapot...

O dear....Gustave dropped the teapot....Miss Moussie was squeaking her little head of...Mr C was jumping up and down ...and our dear Dutches was trying to make sense out of this big chaos in her bed at this very urly wednesday morning...
-Please, calm down ,calm down ,she said...Miss Moussie,dearest, stop squeaking...Mr C..please stop jumping..and Gustave darling..its oke..never mind the teapot...its not broken, it fell in the cushions..and you were ever so sweet to bring me tea...
-Its not the tea pot..its not the teapot...croaked Gustave...its Mozes.. its Mozes.. can not mistaken Mozes for a teapot...smiled our Dutchess...I believe Mozes is a somewhat bigger...
-No,We looked everywhere...and we can not find,we do not mean we can not find the teapot...twittered Miss Moussie,when she saw the dutches lifting up the blanket..we can not find Mozes..
-Now they had the fullest attention of the dutchess...Really,she said...then, where could our dear fiend be.....
Suddenly they all heard a little voice coming from the hallway..."I found something.I found something...
It was Elvira....with in her hand a letter.
-I found a letter ,she said..a bit out of breath from running up the stairs..I found a letter in the garden....a letter from Nowhere..but where is Nowhere,and on the back of the envelope is me and you will see.....
Open it,open it,our sweet garden friends were jumping op and down on the bed..
-Oke,oke,said the Dutchess,and she openend the envelope with great care..
Blue,the letter was blue..and it smelled like Lavender...the scent filled the room
The Dutchess gave the letter to Mr C because he can read letters like no other..
Ahum...Mr C cleared his throat..ahumm...
-Go on,go on,twittered Miss Moussie,what does is say..
-It says...said Mr C...

-Nowhere to be found..o my gosh..whispered Miss Mousse...o my I am worried sick..what can we do..
- Mozes knows what he is doing,said the the Dutchess reinsuring,we have to wait and see...we have to trust Mozes and our dear friend the Tea rat..they are both very clever and couragious...I think they are on a great adventure..
--I love adventures..Mr C said..and sat himself down in the cushions...lets hope they will write another letter soon..

They all sat there a while...they told the Dutchess about the walk through the forest,the Jiffy Trail,and the singing pumkins,that is, Miss Moussie did the talking..Mr C was to tired to say another word..and Gustave, he fell asleep with his little head on the pillow ..still holding a teacup in his hand

Well,life will take its course in the garden...please come again to visit...we are always so happy to see you...and maybe next time there will be news from Mozes and his adventures in Nowhere...for now...stay warm and stay happy..

Very scary...(oktober 2008)

You are ALL invited to the best Halloween party EVER..Its going to be VERY SCARY.
Gustave is coming...his Hibernate can wait..and he will be attending as.. The Hulk..well, being green that's a great idea..Elvira..a gentle and sometimes very naughty Lady squirrel is dressed as The Bride of Frankenstein. She always wanted to do this sometimes! Great hairdo! Her Husband ..Eduard,you did not meet him uptil now because he dousn't like to be in the picture ,will accompany his enchanting wife as..yes..The Monster of Frankenstein himself!
And then ofcourse there is lovey me..Miss Moussie the Gate Keeper of the garden,and I wil go as...Cat Woman...MIAUW!
Lets party..and be scary....see ya later..

And a great party it was....guess what...Mr Bee came to party too..In disguise..
He came down on a parachute and landed in the garden..then,he intruduced himself as Bond..James Bond.Cool..So,Catwoman danced with James Bond,Frankenstein with his lovely bride,and Gustave had an interesting conversation with two charming cats,Miss Peach and Whiskers up the tree..something about be,or not to be,up a tree,that was the question!
The hedgehog family was present, wearing Witches hats,very cute,and a little Robin dressed as Batman gave us a real fright because he was skydiving from the rooftop,shouting.."Batman,Batman"..don't worry,he's animals got hurt. the middle of the party, a Ghost appeared....all white with scary hair!!
My was our sweet Dutchess in her nightgown..Oeps,.... we forgot to tell her about our party....So sorry.
We are all very tired now...time to go to sleep.Only one garden creature is still wandering about in the dark to see the bats fly by.Its Gerald (flemish)Jay....he talks funny and is not to be trusted,always picking on somebody..But tonight he behaved and like us he found the party to be "Vewy Scawy'